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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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Hello Monday, Not Friday

August 10, 2015

i should reallly be posting this on friday not Monday. but i just cant wait to wear this shirt. 


I opened my closet the other day realizinng that I have so many tshirts and mono tone clothes. In fact too many. so now i am kinda undergoing a closet make-over, trying to adapt myself into different styles and more colors. though mono tone will still be something i can't live without. 


so here we go, a color that i dun usually wear, mint blue or what some people call it the tiffany blue. the shirt has a several colors to it: grey, white, mint, pink and black. and of course i had my eyes on the black but then i told myself that i gotta stick to my new goal. so instead of black, i chose this minty blue. and to tell you, i have fallen in love with it. i found that it goes with anything and its actually quite easy to match with other clothes. so what does the story tell us? go out of your comfort zone and you might discover something new! 


Sunnies: Ray-Ban/ Top: Hong Kong/ Bag: Chanel/ Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch/ Shoes: Hong Kong


我應該是要禮拜五而不是禮拜一放上這篇網誌的, 但是因爲太迫不及待想穿這件上衣所以等不到禮拜五


前陣子我打開了我的衣櫥好好看了一下。突然我發現我衣櫃裏面變得幾乎都是Tshirt而且還大部分都是黑、灰、白這幾個顔色。所以現在我正在做改變,嘗試不同的風格還有顔色。 當然,黑、灰、白還是會是我不能沒有的東西,所以不囘抛棄她們的。



所以今天我穿了一件比較不是我平常會穿的顔色上衣,薄荷綠或也稱之爲Tiffany藍。這件衣服其實還蠻多顔色的。有黑、灰、粉紅,薄荷綠和白色。 不用說,第一眼我看到的當然就是黑色了。 但是我想起了我的目標,所以我就選了這個薄荷綠。 我必須說這件薄荷綠上衣還蠻好搭配的,而且穿起來也好看有舒服。 這個故事告訴我們什麽呢?跳離你的舒適圈,做一些不一樣的決定有時候會帶來据有驚喜的結果!


太陽眼鏡: Ray-Ban/ 上衣: 香港/ 包包: Chanel/ 短褲: Abercrombie & Fitch/ 鞋子: 香港







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