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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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A Hidden Gun

August 21, 2015

I almost forgot that i have this bag. After the loss of my Chanel, i have been thinking of a temporary replacement for it. And today, i digged into my closet and found this bag! glad that the outfit turns out great!


Normally, i m not a skirt person but the big skirts this year really got me wanting to get one. So i got one in Thailand while shopping. I love how it is long and puffy, which allows me to still act very unlady in it comfortably! Big skirts don't always have to go the lady way, you can try wearing it the way i do and rock in one of them! after wearing it this time, i feel like getting another similar one! quickly go shopping now and get one in ur style;)


Sunglasses: Alex Knost/ Top: Thailand/ Skirt: Thailand/ Bag: Taiwan/ Shoes: Converse


我都忘了我有這個包. 今天要出門的時候因為我平常慣用Chanel被偷了,所以我翻箱倒櫃了一下我的衣櫥. 結果我找到了這個包! 雖然不像Chanel給人雅氣的感覺, 這個包卻給了這個穿著一種酷酷的味道. 大家還喜歡嗎?


其實, 我不是一個愛穿裙子的女生. 但是今年到處看到這種蓬裙讓我也掀起了想買的念頭. 所以暑假去泰國的時候就買了這件裙子. 我個人應為不是很淑女所以我很喜歡它的長度還有蓬度, 讓我有辦法不需要拘謹的扮演淑女. 非常的輕鬆自在! 裙子不一定要每次都穿的淑女, 大家也可以嘗試一下像我這樣有街頭個性的搭配她! 快去找一件符合你自己的大裙子吧!


太陽眼鏡: Alex Knost/ 上衣: 泰國/ 裙子: 泰國/ 包包: 台灣/ 鞋子: Converse








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