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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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A Little of Pixar, A Little of Momoko

August 27, 2015

I love Pixar! I was excited to hear that they have a tiny exhibition in Taipei from my sister. So i took a day to visit the Sakura Momoko and Pixar Exhibitions. The Momoko Exhibition was crowded with lots of pretty cool scenes from the cartoon. but since it was too crowded, we just took a quick walk around the exhibition. It was funny how i saw lots of moms putting 120% effort into taking pictures of their kiddos. One of the moms even lied down to get a good angel of her kid. Power of moms:) The Pixar Exhibition was A LOT more amazing than the Momoko. I guess it's because i love Toystory more. I lost my mind seeing all the charaters from Toystory and Monster Inc before i even entered. I pushed through the crowds to take pictures with all the characters!! Sucks that i didnt get to take a picture with Woody! and it was so sad that they didnt have Hamm in there. After the exhibition, i went crazy on shopping for the souvenirs like a lil kid! i got a hair-tie, a bag and a super cute Buzz Lightyear make-up case!! I LOVE PIXAR AND DISNEY!


Hat: Taipei/ Dress: CNdirect/ Boots: Jeffrey Campbell/ Bag: Jansport/ Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


我很愛Pixar, 所以當我聽到他在台北光華市場那邊有各校展覽的時候我就超想去的! 所以我前幾天找了空閒去了櫻桃小丸子還有Pixar的展覽. 櫻桃小丸子的展覽還滿大的, 但是因為人很多所以我們只是快速地逛了一圈. 在裡面我看到了好多媽媽把十八般武藝都搬了出來, 為的就是幫她們的小孩照相. 甚至有一位媽媽躺了下來想找到最棒的角度. 媽媽的力量好偉大! Pixar展覽就好玩多了, 也許是因為我比較愛Pixar的人物. 還沒進到展覽裡面, 看到裡面已對熟悉的角色就讓我為之分瘋狂了! 好喜歡玩具總動員喔!可惜他們沒有"火腿"這個角色的大玩偶!不然應該會瘋了! 我很愛她! 到了紀念品取的時候握更時實心瘋了! 我像個小孩子到處逛, 買了好多紀念品! 大家也快去看看吧!


帽子: 台北/ 裙子: CNdirect/ 靴子: Jeffrey Campbell/ 太陽眼鏡: Ray-Ban



























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