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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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What I Use: Facial Products

August 31, 2015

It is rare for me to post about products i use but today i would like to share the facial products i use since people have been asking me about maintaining smooth skin. I am a very lazy person that i don't usually put on make ups unless its some big events. On normal days, i would usually just put on concealer and blush and that would be all. so here i go on the facial products i use.



1. Facial cleansing lotion: I choose the lotion type instead of the oil type because i think it is easier to remove foundation more than the oil type does. I Apply this before shower. Although i don't put on much make up, i still use it every night to clean my skin because the air is so polluted and after a day of being outside ur face may carry all kinds of dust that you can't see. so it is still better to clean your skin every night.


2. Face Wash:I wash my face in the shower because after washing my hair, there is still some hot steam floating in the air. This will be like a facial session, after your skin is cleanly washed, the hot steam helps to open your pores allowing it to obsorb more nutritions and ur facial products later.



3. Face Essence: I apply this after i come out of the shower. This essence from Dior helps to tighten your skin and makes you pores smaller. Applying it right after shower, right after the steam helps your skin to "eat" more of what it needs.


4. Face cream + Vaseline: sometimes when i travel, my ski becomes really dry that only facial cream will not do. So i tend to mix a bit of Vaseline and facial cream together inuse. Vaseline is known for moisture. So combining it with the Dior face cream increases the effect of moisturing.

There is no meaning of promoting anything, it just happens that when i first started using facial products, these were introduced by my mom then i just continued using the same stuff:)

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