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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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September 6, 2015

edTaipei had been raining everyday and it's drove me crazy, it limited what i could wear. Thank god i got this pair of Crocs. Getting this pair of Crocs was kind of an incident. I had a meeting in Hong Kong that i had to wear heels but then it started pouring and we all know that streets in Central, Hong Kong are all slopped. So i risked my life walking down the hills after meeting then i happened to walked pass a Crocs shop so i went in and got this pair. I was a little surprised to when i saw this pair of flats because Crocs is never the kind of shop i would walk into and i still dunno why i walked in there that day even though it was raining. I guess somethings are meant to be :D anyway thanks to these Crocs flats i am surviving my rainy days!


Hat: Taipei/ Top:: Drex Fable/ Inner Lace Dress: Hong Kong Boutique/ Jeans: Taipei/ Flats: Crocs/ Necklace: Taipei/ Bag: Thailand Water Market


台北最近一直下雨嚇到我都快瘋了, 害我穿衣服都綁手綁腳的. 不顧好險我有著雙Crocs的平底鞋. 其實會買者上寫還滿巧的, 也很意外. 那天我在香港參加一個會議, 完了之後下大雨. 大家也知道香港中環那邊的路都是斜坡所以我很賣命的慢慢走下來. 之後走啊走的就晃進了Crocs. 基本上Crocs不是我的風格所以我也不知道為甚麼那天走了進去. 看到了這雙有我的尺寸我就買了! 真的還滿因緣巧合的:D 最近好險有這雙鞋子讓我活過了下雨天!


帽子: 台北/ 上衣: Drex Fable/ 內搭蕾絲洋裝: 香港小店/ 牛仔褲: 台北/ 平底鞋: Crocs/ 項鍊: 台北/ 包包: 泰國水市場









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