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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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Stripes X Spots

October 8, 2015

we went see deer on the second last day of our trip. We took the train from Osaka to Nara and it was only about 40 min. It was raining that day so we were a little worry wether the deer will be out or not. They didnt disappoint me! seeing deer everywhere not caged up and even walking on the road was quite amazing. afterall u don't see this kinda thing happening everywhere especially when i grew up a city girl! The little Bambies were so cute but they always ran away from me haha then i would play with them by chasing from behind:D

The weather was a little chilly on this day so i put on my new gear, the maxi shirt in stripes! it was the last one in the shop and i grabbed it immediately. even up till now i still feel like i've made the right decision. I love its color and winter fabric plus the fact that it is something i can wear in multy ways: as a dress, a jacker, a shirt or even just an accesory tied on the waist. The wether in Fall is always a little unpredictable so i would recommend you guys to get a few shirts like this. It can keep you warm and when u dun need it you can tie it on the waist to act as an accessory to your outfit! stay alerted for the wether in fall and dun catch a cold like me! bounce now:)


Beanie: Taipei/ White Top: Taipei/ Shirt: We Go (Japan)/ Jeans: Molly/ Shoes: Converse/ Bag: Changel/ Umbrella: 7/11(Japan)


倒數第二天的時候我們跑去看鹿了. 我們從大阪坐JR線到奈良, 車程差不多40分鐘吧. 愛算滿快的! 那天其實是下雨的所以本來有點擔心鹿會不會躲起來看不到了. 到達奈良公園的時候看到到處都是鹿而且不是那種被關起來的讓人覺得很有趣. 我是個城市長大的小孩所以要看到這種情形並不容易. 小鹿斑比好可愛, 可是我靠近牠們的時候他都會逃離我.. 我就會跟他們玩, 從後面假裝追他們, 很想跟小孩在在玩, 還蠻有趣的 哈哈!


當天的天氣有點涼所以我立即穿了新買的長版襯衫. 好險買到了他! 當時他是店裡的最後一件. 我怕被搶走立即就下手買了他 哈哈. 到現在我都還覺得賣得很值得. 很喜歡她有點厚的冬天布料還有顏色的搭配以及很多元化的穿法. 我可以把它當外套, 當洋裝, 當襯衫更能把他綁在腰上當作裝飾品. 很方便! 我很建議大家都去買幾件襯衫. 秋天的天氣老是忽冷忽熱很難捉摸. 有了襯衫的話就很方便了, 冷的時候可以穿著, 熱的時候脫下來綁在腰上就成了裝飾品, 為服裝畫龍點睛! 大家要保重身體哦! 不要像我感冒了:(


毛帽: 台北/ 白色上衣: 台北/ 長版襯衫: We Go (Japan)/ 褲子: Molly/ 鞋子: Converse/ 包包: Chanel/ 雨傘: 7.11(日本)












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