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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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One Day in Macau

December 2, 2015

So i have to leave Hong Kong every mont due to visa problem. and this gave ma a chance to go to Macau by sea this Sat. It was my first time taking a boat to Macau and to Macau. Originally we planned to leave from the house at 11 but coma got us leaving at2:30 instead haha. The boat ride was about an hr, which we arrived Macau around 4. Hopped on a shuttle bus we went to the newly opened Studio City. The plae is quite big but a bit empty. Since i dunno how to gamble, we took a short browse in the shopping area. After Studio City, we took the shuttle bus back to the harbour attempting to get a taxi there and go to the St. Paul's church. BIG FAILURE. we couldnt find a taxi so we hopped on another shuttle bus that supposely takes people to a casino near the downtown but we got on the wrong one so we ended up back the Studio CIty area. It felt like i had a tour around Macau already. So from there we finally found a shuttle bus to down town and made it to the city! What a day... just to get the record of leaving and entering HK again haha.


因為簽證的問題所以上個禮拜六 我逮到了機會坐船去澳門走走. 是我第一次坐船到澳門也是第一次到澳門. 本來我們是預計11點左右從家裡出發的, 但因為實在太累了.. 差不多兩點多才出門. 做了一個小時左右的船我們總算到了澳門. 在碼頭那邊, 我們坐上了往新開的'新濠影匯'接駁車往那邊出發. 在香港'新濠影匯'的廣告很大.當時到了那邊有點小失望... 我不會賭博所以就在逛街的拿去晃了晃. 之後我們就像說去市中心, 順便去那個有名的教堂牆看看. 因為計程車不好叫, 所以我們就像說做接駁車回到碼頭然後從那邊坐計程車. 結果沒想到回到碼頭我們上錯了巴士... 又被載回'新濠影匯'那邊了.. 在那邊經過千辛萬苦我們找到接駁車做到了市中心.. 我都覺得我已經走遍澳門了! 真是有趣的經歷...! 總算有了出境的紀錄了~


















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