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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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Beauty Concierge

December 9, 2015

I went on a facial treatment at Beauty Concierge at DFS in TST last week, thanks to work. it was quite a pleasant experience. The ladies there were incredibly nice and welcoming. First i had my skin condition tested by a machine. and gladly, i had some pretty good scores. proud to say i have really nice skin. But i was warned that if I still keep getting lazy about using face cream and other skincare products beside cleanser, face wash and serum, my skin condition can change. because as you get older, you metabolism changes and it will affect your skin. After the examination, I went on a moisturizing and whitening treatment that was about an hour long. they first removed my make-up and washed my face with then we went on using different facial products from masks, to cream for eyes and face. lots and lots! it was a great experience.


因為工作的關係, 上個禮拜我有機會去尖沙嘴的DFS體驗免費的做臉. 那邊的人員都非常的親切. 一開始我們先針對我的臉做了皮膚狀態的測驗. 很驕傲地說, 我拿的分數都滿高的, 皮膚算很好. 但是我也被警告說 如果在懶惰 製作清潔和擦精華液 沒有認真包養的話也許年紀再大一點可能就皮膚狀況會變差~ 每個人都這樣, 因為年紀越大新陳代謝會變差.  經過皮膚狀況的測試之後 我們就開始進行做臉的部分. 當天用的產品都是美白和添加水分的. 真的很舒服, 害我都差點睡著了~











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