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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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Happy One Year

February 5, 2016

It was Andrew and I's one year anniversary on Feb 1st. It was last year on this day that we started dating. Time really flies! I am really glad to have met him and to have found him. It is true when they say everyday is Valentines when you find the right person. Thank you A for taking care of me, spoiling me, treating my like a little princess and always trying your best to give me the best you got. We will soon step into another chapter of our lives, can't wait:) 


I think it is what everyone thinks all the time about life; "why isn't god helping me?", "why do i deserve this?", "is it so hard for me to find someone right?". i used to be one of them too, but after experiencing some ups and downs in life, i now believe that everything happens for a reason. You might not understand it at the moment, but when you look back at what has happened one day, you will understand why God has planned it that way. It is easier say than done, but believe me people, you are stronger than you think so hang on and the sun will come out. Everything is life is planned to shape us, make us grow and suitable for what we will eventually end up having! just like how i found A! 


We had our One Year celebration at Wooloomooloo Prime at Tsim Sha Tsui. This place has a spectacular view of the Island side giving a romantic atmosphere in the restaurant. We ordered the signature Wooloomooloo Crab cake as a starter. The crab cake was amazing! Even before we tasted it, the smell of fresh crab already got us drunk. For main, we ordered the Wooloomooloo Steak and Wellington. I gotta say, Wooloomooloo has some quality meat! The Wellington was a surprise. Not only was there beef in there, a piece of foie gras was in there too. They made a fabulous blend in the mouth! We had an unforgettable celebration that night. can't wait for those up coming anniversaries!


2/1是我跟Andrew交往一周年的日子. 時間真的過得很快! 很開心有認識他, 有他在身邊陪伴. 大家都說, 遇到了對的人每天都是在過情人節. 謝謝A的照顧, 謝謝他寵我, 對我跟公主一樣然後每次都會盡全力給我最好的. 我們很快會進入人生的另一個階段, 等不及了!


常常有人會問說"為甚麼老天爺都不幫我?", "為甚麼我就應該受這樣的對待?", "我只是想要找到一個適合的人真的那麼難嗎?". 以前我也是其中之一. 但是經歷過人生一些起起伏伏後, 我現在相信每件事都由他發生的理由. 也許當下你會不理解為甚麼, 但事後你在回頭看時, 你就會理解了老天爺為何做如此的安排. 說起來必做的簡單, 但是請相信我, 你比你想像中的還強壯. 堅持下去, 你很快就會看到陽光. 人生中所有發生的事情都是為了把我們變得更適合屬於我們的"好事" . 就像我找到了A一樣.


2/1那天我們去了在尖沙嘴的Wooloomooloo餐廳. 這個地方的景色非常的好, 你可以看得到剛到的景色, 讓整個餐廳更加浪漫有氣氛. 前菜的部分我們點了他們著名的蟹餅. 還沒吃, 螃蟹的味道就聞香四溢! 味道也很好! 主菜的部分我們選了餐廳著名的牛排還有Wellington. 我必須說, Wooloomooloo的肉質真的很棒! Wellinton也是個驚喜. 裡面除了牛肉之外, 還有鵝肝. 入口之後味道真的很棒. 我們有了一個很棒的夜晚, 以後也很期待更多的週年紀念:)










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