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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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Fifty Shades of Grey

February 22, 2016

Wearing the same color makes you looks proportionally taller and skinnier, because you are not "chopped" by colors. However, when you want to wear the same color, makes sure you wear it in different shade to show a bit of layering and differences. On me today, I chose to wear grey. so i had a darker grey swearter, pairing with light grey pants and a lighter shade of grey for the jacket. White and black are also shades of grey too, therefore i had a black beanie on to put some weight into the whole look, and white sneakers for some pop of color. Another way of making a same color outfit more interesting is by adding some fun details, such as what i have on the bag: fringe. 


Hat: The States/ Grey sweater: Beams Men/ Grey pants: Taiwan/ Knit coat: Lowry's Farm/ Shoes: Ete/ Bag: Chane


同色系的搭配讓你看起來顯得更高條, 因為你沒被不同的顏色"切割"開來. 但是, 穿著同色系時要注意色階. 利用不同色階的同色來創造層次感. 我今天走灰色系, 我穿了深灰色的毛衣搭配淺灰色的褲子和淺淺灰色針織外套. 白色與黑色也是屬於灰色系的色階所以我帶了一頂黑色的毛線帽讓整體穿搭有點重量, 而在鞋子部分我想突出點,所以選擇了白色的鞋子. 另一種讓同色系穿著可以更有趣的方法是在單品商家些特殊的細節, 例如我包上的流蘇.


帽子: 美國/ 灰色毛衣: Beams/ 灰色褲子: 台灣/ 灰色針織外套: Lowry's Farm/ 鞋子: Ete/ 包包: Chanel







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