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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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Devil is in the Details

March 9, 2016

Today, i decided to keep my outfit effortless and casual. I threw on a white sweatshirt and a pair of comfy boyfriend jeans. BUT! take a closer look. The devil lies in the details. the sweat shirt i am wearing is not just simply white. It has a Simba print on it if you look closely. Like i say all the time, no matter how casual and effortless you want to dress, find something special it keep it chic! Also, i know i usually wear sneakers or flats but with the grungy hat, boyfriend jeans and sweat shirt, the outfit lies more on the masucline side. to lessen the effect, i had a pair of nude heels on, not over attention catching but goes coherently with the light-color outfit!


Cap: MLB/ Sweat Shirt: Natural Shop/ Jeans: Zara/ Shoes: Taiwan/ Clutch: Taiwan


今天決定穿得比較不花費太多力氣再搭配上面. 我簡單的套上了一件白色的棉質上衣和男友褲. 但是! 看仔細哦! 惡魔都在細節裡. 有沒有注意到我的白色棉質上衣上有一隻辛巴的圖樣呢? 像我常常說的, 穿得再怎麼不費力還是要找些特別的細節讓穿著依然時尚! 大家要記得喔! 另外, 相信大家都知道我的鞋子常常都是修鞋不然就是平底鞋. 但是今天我決定穿了雙裸色的高跟鞋. 因為棉質上衣和男友褲已經非常有個性了, 如果再穿球鞋的話會過於男性化. 所以腳上我就決定穿一雙裸色的高跟鞋, 低調,  不搶眼但卻能平衡整體穿著!


帽子: MLB/ 上衣: Natural Shop/ 牛仔褲: Zara/ 鞋子: 台灣/ 包包: 台灣











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