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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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The World of Grey

March 30, 2016

Over-sized coats have been a trend for a while.. It is a must in your closet at this changing season (temperature is still unstable). But looking for a right one is not easy. I is important to find an "oversize" that fits your figure right so you do not end up looking sloppy and "poor" as an opposite result. 


Here i have a few advice on how petite size people can look for when searching for a right over-sized coat. For petite people, you can look at ones with shoulder lines that are not as low, meaning no lower than your shoulders are. This kind of cutting will make you look "drappy" and sloppy. Another tip that you might want to keep in mind is to choose slimmer fitting cut and longer ones. This will result in a taller and grande proportion. The same rules apply to rounder figure people too. 


Personally I love this grey over-sized coat. Grey goes with anything and with the cutting itself being unique already, over-sized coats may be a statement piece itself, therefore i like to stay lower profile and being able to wear it repeatedly. But it is up to people on what colors to choose! In here, i paired the grey over-sized coat with a simple grey sweater and a pair of leather-like pants to come up with a simple monotone look. With some extra hair accessories, the outfit comes more alive and very korean! totally suitable for for trip in Korea:D


Coat: Jeanasis/ Sweater: Lowry's Farm/ Pants: 小蒜's Fashion Showroom/ Hair accessory: Korea/ Bag: Chanel


Over-size外套已經流行一段時間了. 但是他現在還是可以成為你衣櫃裡的一位重要腳色(氣溫依然不穩定). 但是要找到一件適合的"過大"尺寸並不簡單. 一不小心挑到不適合的就會讓你看起來邋遢, 又可憐.


一下我給大家一點建議. 嬌小的人在找"過大"外套時, 可以特別注意肩線的地方. 肩線不可以在肩膀一下, 這樣會太有垂墜感, 讓你看起來不俐落, 有邋遢感. 另外, 較小的可以選擇細長一點的"過大"外套, 長一點的會讓你視覺場變高大點喔! 同樣的規則, 豐潤形體格的人也可以跟著走. 至於正常體型的人, 穿起來好看, 自己喜歡就可以嘍~


我自己本身深很喜歡這樣外套. "過大"型的大衣本來建材就已經是個獨特的地方了. 所以在顏色方面我個人會選擇中性色, 這樣不僅好搭配, 不停的穿時也不會那麼容易被發現重複穿同一件外套:D. 這次去韓國, 搭配一件灰色毛衣, 皮褲在穿上灰色的"過大" 大衣最後點綴上頭飾是不是就很有歐尼的感覺了? 大家可以參考看看喔! 


外套: Jeanasis/ 毛衣: Lowry's Farm/ 褲子: 小蒜' fashion showrrom/ 頭飾: 韓國/ 包包: Chanel












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