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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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Radiant Glow

April 14, 2016

Do you sometimes feel like even when you use masks frequently, you face still feels dull and exhausted? when this happens, it means that you need to do some exfoliate/pore cleansing masks. I used to be someone who is lazy about skin care until i had my skin tested at Beauty Concierge at DFS. My scores were pretty high, meaning everything was good and perfect. Yet i was warned to pay more effort into skincare or else my skin quality can't be maintained as good as i get older and my metabolism gets not as good. Ever since that i started paying lots of effort on masks and skin care. I use masks everyday in shower. I take turn between paper eye masks, hydration and eye masks (no need to wash off), skin cleansing and lots more. It is ok to have masks everyday but do pay attention that cleansing masks and whitening masks can only be used once a week. As for hydration masks, they are ok to be used everyday.


Today i want to introduce you the Morocco Ghassoul pore cleansing mousse mask from Too Cool For School. it contain 10% of Morocco Ghassoul that is great for exfoliating dead skin and pore cleansing and minimizing. It also has a lot of natural ingredients that will brighten, moisturize you skin, giving a radiant glow in the finish. It is very easy to use too. for me, i put it on after putting on shampoo and massage my head then i wash my face. And then i put on the mousse then shower off my shampoo and finish off my shower. by the time its all done, the mousse will be dried and ready to rinse off with lukewarm water. 


Ladies, do not be lazy. There arent any ugly women, only lazy women!;)


你們有時候會不會覺得常敷臉但還是覺得臉色黯然, 看起來還是疲憊? 這種時候就代表你去要來敷個去角質/清毛孔的面膜了. 以前我對於臉部保養很懶惰. 知道有一次去做了皮膚測試. 雖然測出來的分數都極佳, 但是美容師也鄭重的告訴我不要在懶惰了, 不然隨著年齡增長新陳代謝變差, 皮膚也會無法保持現在這樣. 從這之後我就開始認真的保養我的皮膚! 我幾乎天天都敷面膜. 天天敷面膜也是沒問題的. 大家唯一要注意的是, 臉部清潔的面膜, 一個禮拜只能敷一次而已哦! 保濕的就可以天天敷!


今天我要跟大家介紹韓國Too Cool For School買回來的臉部清潔面膜: Morocco Ghassoul清潔慕斯面膜. 他有10%的摩洛哥礦物泥, 可以清潔+細緻毛孔和去臉部角質. 這個面膜裡面也含有其他天然成分, 能讓你的臉部在用完之後又從內發光的感覺, 氣色看起來會很好!  我通常都利用上了洗髮精洗頭後,洗完臉還沒沖頭的時候我就會敷上面膜然後沖頭髮加洗澡. 等出浴室時臉上的面膜就差多可以拿下來/洗掉了. 非常省時!


各位, 天下沒有醜女人只有懶女人!! 加油!







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