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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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The Bandanna Look

May 8, 2016

Went for a basic + accessorized look today. Wen you want to play with pattern, you can either play it with a big crash or make then coherent visually. Do keep in mind, when you want to do it dramatically with a crash, don't have more than 2 different prints/pattern. more than that, the look will start losing it's focus and go hectic. to put some interests in this look, i had a sharp red bandanna and a pair of cute mike slip ons. although the patterns on the shoes and on the bandanna are different but from afar, the parsley and the mickey both look like "rounds". therefore, it creates a coherent look.


Bandanna: Zara/ Sunnies: American Eagle/ Top: H&M/ Jeans: Taiwan/ Bag: Korea/ Shoes: Natural Shop


今天走了一種基本風. 當你想玩一玩不同印花時, 你可以選擇要嘛玩大一點, 讓印花們有衝擊感.  不然的話就要讓他們看起來和諧. 記住, 印花布要超過3種不同的, 不然就會太混亂了! 今天的傳達雖然很基本, 但是在我加入了搶眼的紅色髮帶和黑色的Mickey滑板鞋. 雖然兩個單品上的印花不一樣, 但是當你瞇眼或從遠方看時. 這兩種印花都是一團一團的. 這樣就產生了和諧度! 當你不知道要如何讓他們產生和諧度時, 你可以謎起眼看看你看到的形狀是甚麼, 然後再從那裡發展. 就像在這邊, 當我瞇起來看時, 圖案都是一團一團的.


髮帶: Zara/ 太陽眼鏡: American Eagle/ 上衣: H&M/ 牛仔褲: 台灣/ 包包: 韓國/ 鞋子: Natural Shop 









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