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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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The Tattoo Experience

June 6, 2016

It has always been mentioned often that Andrew and I wanna get a couple tattoo after we get registered. so this time we finally man up and went for this. after doing some research on a few tattoo studios in HK, we decided to go to this one called "Solo Tattoo Studio" locating in MK, HK.


Our tattoo artist was quite experienced in realism and cartoonism-ed tattoos. She is a very professional artist that had a good service too.


So I went up first. I have taken some painful experiences before so I thought this shouldn't have been too bad. It hurts, but to me it was kind of bearable. It felt like ur skin was bein cut deeply by a knife. so after I survived this session, Andrew hopped on the seat. When he asked me how it feels, I simply told him if felt like somebody was cutting you with a knife. he was like have you every been but by other people? I was like now. he said how do you know that feeling then? I said get on the seat and you will understand. He got it after the tattoo:D


Well, now we have another couple thing, a mark that marks the beginning of our life together that will survive all the ups and downs hang in hand till the end:) it was quite an experience so I am sharing here with you guys! I am already kind of looking at my next tattoo, something small but symbolic probably! let's see!


我在和Andrew結婚之前兩個人就常吵著要去弄個一對刺青. 在我們登記結婚後我們終於鼓起勇氣去用了. 經過一番的搜索之後我們找到了旺角一間叫做"SOLO TATTO STUDIO'的紋身店. 我們的刺青是很好, 人很有個性服務很好,


刺青是我先開始, 我坐上椅子之後刺青是就開始了. 身為女人,我覺得我有經歷過一些生理上疼痛的經驗因此, 我覺得對我來說應該是能忍受的. 對, 刺青真的很痛! Andrew一直問我說"很痛?" 我回答他," 就像好像有人拿刀割你一樣的感覺. 他說" 你有被割過嗎? 我說沒有.. 他說那你真麼知道那是甚麼感受. 我說, 你坐下來就知道了. 輪到他坐上那個椅子. 他理解了. 但我個人覺得那種藤透視能忍受的~


現在我們公共有了同樣的刺青, 代表著我們生活的開始, 我們未來一起度過一切不離不棄!


我都有點在開始想我下一個刺青要甚麼了.. 應該會是小小的單據有大大的意義! 再看看樓~


















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