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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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A Piglet Ballet Dress

January 14, 2016

I love tops that can be worn in multi-ways, it makes me feel creative and excited. This top/dress i got from a very nice online store 'Bosom Friend' is an example. 'Bosom Friend' sells very unique and high fashion clothes that you don't see in other stores.


When people reach a certain age, sometimes they start to avoid and afraid of the word "cute". To me, I think one can feel "cute" and be "cute" at all ages as long as it fits your current status. And by status, i mean your life, your age and your characteristics. One just have to find a kind of "cuteness" that suits him/herself. For example, I am someone who can't be dressed in a femininely cute way, so when i want to be "cute", i add in a little bit of egdy-ness and cool-ness to balance it off. In this look, i picked the neutral colors, black and white to balance off the flare design of the bottom of the top. By inserting some grungy-ness into the top, "cute" blends in with my style. So don't be afraid of being "cute", just fine the right "cuteness" for you through colors, style, the cutting or how you mix and match!


Top: Bosom Friend/ Jacket: Comptoir Des Cotonniers / Jeans: Taiwan/ Flats: Steve Madden/ Bag: Celine


我很喜歡可以以很多搭配方式出場的衣物. 這樣的服飾總會讓我感到有創意性也讓穿搭變得好玩. 這件我從網路商店Bosom Friend 買的上衣/佯裝就是個例子. 我很喜歡Bosom Friend, 他們賣的衣服都非常的獨特, 而且服務有很好. 值得大家去看看~


我發現, 很多人到了一個年紀就會去避諱'可愛'. 但我覺得其實只要找到適合你的"可愛", 到哪個年紀都是可以繼續"可愛"的. 所謂[適合], 我指的是符合你的身分地位, 個性, 年紀等等的. 拿我這次的穿搭來當例子好了. 我個人屬於不能穿得太日系或是女性化的可愛, 因此在衣服上面我就選擇了中性色(黑+百)來平衡衣服裙擺的荷葉邊造型. 適當地加入一點適合我自己的酷酷元素, 原本Bosom Friend可愛的荷葉邊上衣/佯裝就變得跟我的風格融合在一起了. 讓人一點也不會覺得我在'裝可愛'. 大家也可以試試. 從色彩, 剪裁, 布料及風格上面找到適合自己的'可愛'吧!


荷葉邊上衣: Bosom Friend/ 外套: Comptoir Des Cotonniers / 牛仔褲: 台灣/ 鞋子: Steve Madden/ 包包: Celine










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