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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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Sustainable Fashion- Buyi

March 10, 2017

On Wedsnesday, I attended the press conference of Bouyei Crafts Company promoting their Buyi crafts.


So before i begin, what is Buyi? Buyi is the fabric made by the Buyi tribe in Guizhou, China. The tribe is known for their weaving and color dying for over 3,000 years. Buyi is very eco-friendly because all the coloring are done using natural resources. The fabrics by the tribe is also very meaningful as when they weave, they incorporates patterns that symbolize their rich culture into it. 


At the press conference, we got to touch the fabrics and learn about the culture of Buyi Tribe as well as the future aims of the project. Lots of the designed clothes out of the fabrics were displayed on the representatives of the projects, these designs were so unique and fashionable. It was stunning to learn that such a traditional thing can be turned into something so modern and good looking. If it wasn't for this event, i would have never known such an amazing skill that is hidden in China.


The Bouyei Crafts Company aims to collaborate with talented designes, artists, stylist, bloggers in the future and to hold exchange programs learning about Buyi Crafts to continue spreading this treasure.


禮拜三的時候我受邀參加了一場研討會. 這場研討會是由貴州市的格子布衣工藝品有限公司舉辦的, 目的是發布布依工藝品.


那甚麼是布依呢? 布依是由中國貴州一個叫布依的民族染色和紡織出來的布料. 布依這個民族在紡織和染布上已經有超過3000年的歷史. 他們所做出來的布料都非常環保, 因為所有的過程都採用自然資源. 布依族的布料很特別, 在他們的布料中, 你會發現許多不同的印花. 而這些印花都代表著這個族群深厚的文化.


在發布會上, 我們有機會碰觸這些布料, 也學習到了布依族的歷史文化和針對這個產品之後的目標和方向. 在活動上,許多發布會上的代表都穿著由布料設計出來的服飾, 我發現這些服飾都非常的摩登. 這讓我非常震驚, 如此傳統的文化可以被把變的這麼時尚和獨特. 如果不是這場發布會, 我還真不知道在內地有這麼一個深藏的技術.


格子布衣工藝品有限公司未來希望透過與不同的藝術家, 設計師, 博主合作還有交換學生的管道, 繼續散步這個如寶的技術. 








Look at this Teddy! all hand made using Buyi 看看這個泰迪熊! 由布依的布全手工製作的喔!

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