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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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Thai Thai Land Pt. 1

May 12, 2017

I finally had a vacation this May! We planned this trip right after we came back from Chinese New Year in January because we thought we should go on holidays twice a year. 


Anyway back to the subject. Arriving in Phuket was a bit rough. We had an early morning flight, we had to transfer from Bangkok to Phuket with a bit of delay and then i almost lost my luggage, but we found it back, thank god. It was almost the evening when we arrived our villa, Aleenta Resort. So we kinda just unpacked a lil,  went to a small local convenient store to get some drinks and chilled at the beach before dinner. Dinner was at the thai restaurant in the resort. we called it a day after dinner and fell asleep with the company of television sound.


Second day was more exciting, we planned a whole day tour of Phuket. After breakfast by the beach we first arrived the old town of Phuket. it was great to see so many cultural buildings and little shops, we enjoyed a coffee there before moving on to the next stop. Lunch was at this sea food market place, the food was ok but we felt ripped off that the fish we ordered was 900 Baht.... After Lunch We went to Prom Thep Cape for some sight seeing. It was super beautiful there! After Prom Thep Cape we went to the aquarium downtown. I wouldnt really recommend you visting there because it was small and got nothing much to see there. Anyway after the aquarium we went have dinner at Patong and hang around the mall there and checked out the night market. That was our second day!


我終於在五月的時候有假期拉! 我們農曆過年會到上海就開始計劃這個假期了, 因為我們決定一年一定要出遊2次~ 能保鮮夫妻感情也讓工作更有動力一點.


好吧, 回到主題. 抵達普吉島的過程有點顛簸. 我們打的是一早的飛機, 然後需要先到曼谷轉機而且還延誤了... 然後到了普吉島有驚險的差點等不到行李.. 後來航空公司找到了.. 嚇死人了! 到達別墅的時候差不多快傍晚了. 我們簡單的稍微整理行李, 然後就去旁邊的當地小便利商店買了些飲料, 泡麵和零食. 晚餐前我們浪漫的在海邊吹了吹風閒聊一下. 當晚的晚餐我們在飯店裡的泰式料理餐廳吃. 結束後就會房間洗洗睡了.


第二天的行程比較有趣. 我們安排了一天的環島行程. 早上在享用看得到海的早餐後我們首先去了普吉島的老街. 這邊漫遊風味的, 有英式的建築物, 還有許多滿特別的小店. 在這邊享用完咖啡後我們就前往午餐了. 午餐司機帶我們去海鮮市場吃, 說真的東西還好, 而且還覺得有點貴... 吃了一隻900塊泰銖的魚. 吃飽飽之後我們去了神仙半島看風景.. 這邊真的是超級美!! 那群綠綠的島嶼搭配上藍天白雲.. 有夠美的! 之後我們去了市中心的海洋館. 老實說這裡有點讓人失望, 很小而且沒什麼好看的所以我不建議大家去~ 海洋館之後我們前往巴東, 在那邊吃了晚餐, 光了百貨公司然後去看了看他們的夜市! 之後我們就會度假別墅了! 超級充實的一天~




























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