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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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Hidden In The Back

June 11, 2017

It's not easy to be a mommy-to-be. Since the moment i was told the news i have been adjusting to this new status both physically and emotionally, even up til now. One of the problems i face is how to dress with this big baby bump? I found this perfect top for my trip to Thailand.


From the front, it may look like a simple white top, but what's hidden in the back is the point. Yes, that big ribbon! Not only is it decorative, but it also allows you to tie it to the right tightness. As you can see from the pictures below, it's hard to tell that your a mommy-to-be wearing the top:) so tip to women in their pregnancy, find something that is comfortable to wear and at the same time with special design that makes you a fashionable mommy-to-be


Hat: Thailand/ Top: AyaLiu/ Shorts: Taiwan/ Gladiator Shoes: Katie Judith/ Bag: Celine


懷孕中的女人不簡單. 從得到懷孕了的這個消息之後到現在不管是心理上或是生理上我都還在調適當中. 很多人在懷孕的時候會面另一個問題, 那就是要如何穿衣服呢? 有了個肚子的確無法像本來一樣隨心所欲的穿衣服, 但是找到對的方法還是可以當個時尚辣媽的.


這次我去泰國前, 意外找到了一件完美的上半身衣服! 這件衣服從前面看起來就像是意見不同的上衣. 但是! 重點在後面! 沒錯, 就是那個大蝴蝶結! 這個大蝴蝶結可了不起了, 他不僅有轉移視覺讓大家覺得很特別而忽略了你的肚子之外, 他是手綁的, 你可以依你喜歡的寬鬆的來幫他. 既舒服又時尚! 建議懷孕中的媽媽們在選擇衣服時, 可以挑那種舒適但是有特殊設計的, 這樣就能永遠當時尚辣媽!


帽子: 泰國/ 上衣: AyaLiu/ 短褲: 台灣/ 綁帶涼鞋: Katie Judith/ 包包: Celine









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