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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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4 Pairs of Shoes for Non-Heels Lovers 4雙不愛高跟鞋女孩們的福音

June 17, 2017

There are two kinds of women in this world, those who love heels and wear them every single day and those who seek for comfortable flat shoes instead. I love heels, i think they make your figure looks better and they are sexy, but for most of the time, i wear flat shoes and only wear heels occasionally. So today i thought i would list out 4 pairs of shoes for girls like me. These shoes are not just comfortable to wear, but also add in unique styles into you outfits.


這個世界上有兩種女人, 一種熱愛高跟鞋並寫每天都穿他們, 另一種追求舒適感, 喜歡穿平底的鞋子. 我很愛高跟鞋, 我覺得他們能讓身材比例更好而且已穿上他們就充滿氣勢, 但是大部分的時間我還是比較常穿平底的鞋子, 只有特殊活動才會穿上高跟鞋. 所以今天我想向跟我一樣的女孩子們分享4雙好穿又好看的鞋子. 這4雙鞋子除了好穿還都能為你的服裝注入幾分獨特韻味.





Timberlands have to be my all time favorite. Their bulky design makes youe legs look slimmer and the neutral brown color makes them go with anything. Timberlands are great for mix and matching. They are something i use to enlighten my outfits with a little bit of grungy feel. Even better, spray on some anti-wet spray and then they become rainboots with attitude.


Timberland絕對是我的大寵鞋之一. 他們的中性設計能讓你的雙腿看起來比較細, 並且中性的土黃色讓他們跟甚麼東西都可以搭起來. 我最喜歡的是它酷酷的感覺能讓你的穿著更有個性, 他們是混搭風的絕對好夥伴! Timberland更是下雨天的好選擇, 只要噴上防水噴霧, 直接黨羽鞋就走出去了.








Slip-ons is a bit like the white sneakers, very comfortable and you don't even have to tie you shoe laces, you can just "slip in". What is better about them than white sneakers is that they come in more different colors and styles. You can choose a pair according to you style, mood or preference. 


懶人鞋有一點類似小白鞋, 都非常的舒適. 更方便的是, 蘭熱的你連鞋帶都不用系, 套進去就可以了! 懶人鞋比小白鞋更不錯的地方是他們有很多種造型, 顏色還有風格. 你們可以遵照自己風格, 心情或是喜好來選適合自己的搭配出不同的風貌.





The All-Star Converse


My first pair of Converse was a pair of white leather one.And they have become something i cannot live without after wearing them the first time. Converse has been around since 1917, they are the real classics. They have this unique cutting and shape that others shoes can never imitate. Whether is hi or low, Converse will never go out in time.


我的第一雙匡威是一雙白色皮革的匡威. 從第一次穿上他們之後我就再也離不開他們了. Converse從1917年就出現. 我覺得他們的鞋子有種經典的簡約設計, 是其他鞋子模仿不來的! 瘦瘦的流暢設計讓你看起來不笨重, 不管是有筒或是沒有筒的都極度好搭配. 





The White sneaker


It's needless to say how much we love white sneakers. White sneakers have been the IT item that every fashionistas go for for a long time. Why? Because white sneakers are so versatile. Whether you are wearing a lady-like dress, grungy outfit or an office look, they always give you a cool mix and match feel. If you like, you could even choose ones that have special details to stand out from the others.


最後為大家介紹的是小白鞋. 不必說我們大家有多愛小白鞋, 小白鞋已經是許多明星, 博主, 時尚人士們追求的必備單品很久了. 為甚麼呢? 因為他們實在太百搭了! 不管你是穿了一件非常淑女的洋裝, 有個性的服裝或是OL感的搭配, 穿上小白鞋都能讓你混搭出休閒時尚感. 如果喜歡的話甚至可以挑選有特別細節的小白鞋, 跳脫通俗.








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