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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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OOTD‖​ Summer Stripes 今日穿搭‖​ 夏日条纹

July 31, 2017

Stripes can be seen everywhere this summer. From tops, bottoms to accessories, they come in all sorts of different forms. If you don't find stripes your fashion friend then you gotta throw away your typical impression of them being dull and formal. Stripes are fun and playful this year! Today I bring you an OOTD of how I play with stripes.


My look here is a mixture between grunge, glamorous and casual. With stripes being very catchy already and the neon colors of them being quite psychedelic, I dialed back the look by keeping other things simple. Instead of using more accessories or complex garments, I used different textures to bring out the vibes I want to express. For example, the loose cutting of the top makes it very laid back, by pairing it with leather shorts and suede ankle boots, they add a hint of rock to the whole outfit. Personally i don't give a dang about "boots are for winter". My fashion philosophy is as long as it looks good, wear whatever you like and whenever. Fashion is about how you feel about yourself and how you like to wear things. It's never about what other people say. You are fashion, not the trends. Of course I am not saying you shouldn't follow trends. Instead I am saying choose what suits you and collaborate it with your personal style. That is fashion.


今年夏天到处都可以看到条纹的元素. 不管是上衣, 下身或是配饰,  条纹来势汹汹的以各式形态侵袭今年夏天的流行. 如果你没有被条纹吸引的话那可能是因为你对条纹的印象还停留在刻板的严肃和无趣. 你大错特错了! 今年的条纹好玩又多元! 今天的OOTD就带给大家一个我自己的条纹搭配.

今天的这个搭配混合了性格, 华丽以及休闲三个元素在里面. 因为条纹本身就会说话了, 加上这件条纹上衣的色彩非常活泼, 因此我在其他的搭配上就选择朴素一点. 比起用更多的配饰或是抢眼的服装, 我反而利用不同的材质来带出整个穿着的感觉. 例如说, 这件衣服的宽松剪裁给人感觉非常慵懒, 但是在我配上皮革短裤还有麂皮踝靴之后, 整体的感觉就变得有点摇滚了. 话说, 我个人是没有在在乎夏天不能穿靴子的这件事情. 我的时尚理论是只要喜欢, 你想怎么穿, 想何时穿都是可以的. 时尚是你对自己的感觉以及你喜欢怎么穿衣服, 不用管别人怎么说. 你就是时尚, 并不是那些什么每年的流行趋势. 当然我不是说不应该跟着流行走, 我想表达的是在跟着流行走的时候你需要选择适合自己的然后加入自己的风格, 这才是时尚.


 太阳眼镜 Sunnies: Cosmopolitant/ 条纹上衣 Stripes Top: 韩国 Korea/ 皮革短裤 Leather Shorts: Zara/ 手包 Clutch: Prada/ 踝靴 Ankle Boots: Sophie & Sam






For details, I chose a sequin bag with colors that are similar to the top. This makes the glamorous sequin clutch blend in with the whole outfit, giving it a mixture of high fashion and street style. With the addition of chained bangle on the hand, the suede boots and leather shorts also become even more coherent.


在细节方面, 我选择了颜色有点相呼应的亮片手拿包. 因为在色系上面雷同所以华丽的亮片跟整体的穿着并不会格格不入, 反而蹦出一种High fashion跟街头的混搭感. 而在锁链皮革手环的加入, 短裤和踝靴也有了缓冲的效果, 变得更和谐.






1. 在选择条纹的时候不要忘记把自己的身形纳入考虑, 横条纹会有长款的效果, 而直条纹则有拉长的效果。

   You may want to put your body shape into consideration when picking stripes. Horizontal stripes tend

    to "widen", veritical stripes "strengthen".

2. 比较丰腴的女孩们要避免过于宽松的剪裁, 这是会让你们看起来有垂坠感和邋遢

    For plus size girls, try to avoid "loose fit" cutting, it will only make you look "droppy" and sloppy.

3. 不同宽度的条文会有不一样的效果.

    Different width of stripes give different effect



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