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June 11, 2017

May 19, 2017

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One Day Star-Maternity Shoot 一日明星-妈咪写真

August 21, 2017



It might be once in a life time, it might be twice or more in a life time, pregnancy is a beautiful process. Ok, I beautified it a little just now. Pregnancy could be beautiful but also tough. Having to face body changes, emotion changes, the uncomfort that pregnancy brings and a lot more, a lot of times it feels like your youth is gone. So why not record down this meaningful milestone of your life? Afterall, you are never sure if there is a next time or with all the body changes such as stretch marks that come along during pregnancy, you should leave something memorable for you to look back to and for you to share with you kid/kids proudly in the future of how gorgeous you used to be!


Having this thought in mind i decided to take it into action and do a maternity shoot. As a stylist myself, I wanted the shoot to jump out of the typical and show a bit of my personality. There are two sets of style in this maternity shoot, curious about how they look? SCROLL DOWN!


一辈子可能一次, 可能两次, 也可能很多次, 怀孕是个非常美妙的体验. 嗯, 我刚有点美化他了. 其实怀孕的过程很美丽但也有不美丽的一面. 孕育的过程中大部分的女人都会面临生理上的变化, 心理上的变化和怀孕所带来的不适等等. 常常感觉青春一去不回~ 所以应该趁年轻的时候为这个特别的里程碑记录下来. 为自己的曾经拥有做个纪念, 就像我妈常说的能当作证据给你的小孩看 "你看, 你妈我以前身材多好, 多青春!"


有这个想法之后我马上就开始了行动. 身为造型师的自己, 我希望我的孕妇写真可以打破传统, 加入点自己的个性在里面. 这次的拍摄总共有两个造型, 想看的话就继续往下拉吧!


Pure Elegance



In the first look, i went for a more classic style aiming to express the simple and pure motherly love. 


第一个造型是比较典雅的, 我想要从中表达出简单, 纯粹的母爱










Adult Child



In this shoot, I wanted to portray a bad girl spirit. This look was inspired by Rihanna. Yea yea, i know this look is a bit off the good mother track but i wanted to show a bit of my style, and express the idea that i will be a cool mom! 


第二组的拍摄我想诠释有点坏怀女孩的感觉. 这组拍摄的造型灵感来源来自蕾哈娜. 是啦, 这组造型是比较没有母爱的感觉, 但是我想呈现一点不一样的风格, 并透过这样来表达我会是个很酷的妈咪!



I incorporated props like lollipop, unicorn stuffed animal and a minion beanie + smokey eye make up and a bitxh face to pull of the attitude i wanted to show.


在拍摄里我加入了棒棒糖还有独角兽这几样道具, 特别上了坏坏的眼妆以及摆出一副大臭脸来凸显我想要的感觉.












This might be an once in a life time experience, so it's important that you do it the way you like it to be. Below are some tips i would give to those mommy-to-bes out there if they want to do a maternity shoot.


这也许是一辈子一次的体验, 所以照自己的喜好来拍摄是很重要的. 以下我给所有准妈妈关于孕妇写真拍摄的一些建议.


1. Find a photographer/ make up artist that suits your style


2. Research to focus on the style of how you wan your shoots to be (ex. Family style, sexy                  home  style..), save the pictures so you can later use to share with the photographer/ makeup            artist

    参考网路图片来锁定你要的造型风格 (例 清新风, 居家风, 性感风) 并储存照片好跟摄影师/化妆师讨论


3. Prepare props/ clothes if there are any




4. Avoid drinking too much water the night before to look bloated the next day



Alrighty, thank for reading this "show off" post on my maternity shoot. i still hope yu guys find the tips in the end helpful now or maybe in the future!


好啦~ 感谢大家看完我这篇纯属炫耀的公众号. 后面的这些tips还是可以参考的哦!




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