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OOTD‖ Breezy Denim今日穿搭‖ 爽朗丹宁

I always say that when you follow the trends each year, you also have to have some classic and basic wear in your arsenal. And denim is definitely one of them. I suppose everyone has at least a pair of jeans? That's right! Denim not only could be worn all seasons, they also come in a lot of choices. Denim gives a fresh and light feeling.

我常常提倡在追求流行的时候, 衣橱里面还是应该必备一些基本的经典款. 而丹宁就是你不可或缺的好伙伴. 每个人应该都有一件牛仔裤吧? 那就对了! 丹宁不仅一年四季都可以穿而且也是非常百搭. 夏天的时候, 丹宁的单品更是选择多多, 也给人爽朗的感觉.

太阳眼镜 Sunnies: Chanel/ 丹宁衬衫 Denim shirt: Vieso/ 男友裤 BF jeans: Zara/ 包包 Bag: Hermes/ 乐福鞋 Loafers: 台湾 Taiwan

Denim on denim is a playful but risky combination. If you don't put them together well enough, it will give people an outdated feeling. This time, i decided to play with denim head-to-toe. Shirts are classic but under the effect of denim, formal-ness is dialed back, an American casuality is enhanced. The knit pocket detail makes the shirt playful. Because i wanted to minimize the formal-ness of the shirt, i chose a pair of boyfriend jeans for the bottom. Not only are they comfortable, they also give a little bit crash between formal-ness and casuality. This ensemble could be worn as a work outfit too. Just put on a pair of heels then it becomes a Happy Friday office outfit! But since I‘m not a big fan of heels, i chose to wear loafers in here.

全身丹宁是一个有点冒险的搭配, 我个人觉得要是配不好的话就会给人有点俗气的感觉. 这次我就突破自己来尝试了一个全身丹宁的look. 衬衫是最经典的款式, 但是丹宁的材质让衬衫少了OL的通勤感多了几丝的美式休闲. 口袋处在针织异材质条纹的点缀之下更是跳脱通俗变得活泼多了. 想要点中性慵懒风范的我在下半身穿了一条破损的男友裤. 破损的设计让衬衫的正式感更加减少, 带给人微微的冲击感. 其实这身打扮也很适合上班的时候穿, 只要搭配上一双高跟鞋就能成为Happy Friday的休闲工作服. 但是因为本人不太爱高跟鞋所以就搭了双白色的乐福鞋.

这次全身丹宁的搭配挑战成功! 如果你不喜欢从头到脚的的丹宁搭配的话, 你也可以选择只用某样单品来加入丹宁风的行列. 下面我就介绍一些不错的丹宁单品给大家.

If you are not drawn to head-to-toe denim combination, you can also join the troop by having some certain items in you ensemble. Below i have some recommendations for you.

J a c k e t s

丹 宁 外 套

Jackets are no longer just body warmers, they also work as accessories. You can see that a lot of fashionistas don't wear jackets properly, wear if off shoulders/ one shoulder-ed, over the shoulders or tie it on your waist, play it cool with denim jackets even if with a white t-shirt.

近来在时尚界, 外套已经不只是保暖衣物了, 他们更成为配饰的一种. 相信大家常常看到那些博主不好好穿外套的街拍吧? 把丹宁外套单肩穿, 双肩落下, 披在身上或是绑在腰上, 随你怎么把玩. 就算只是一件白色T, 丹宁外套也能让你变的有型.

S h o e s

丹 宁 鞋 履

Craving for a pair of standout shoes that is at the same time not too over the top? Pick up a pair of denim shoes! Denim is a great way to rock in shoes because they are unique, they've got the classic lines but trendy vibe. Heels, flats, sandals, granny shoes, pick a pair that suits you. But don't select a pair that will distract attention from your entire outfit. Less is more!

想要跳出平庸, 找一双独特的鞋履? 选一双丹宁鞋吧! 丹宁鞋很特殊, 他们剪裁经典但却散发独特的摩登. 不管是拖鞋, 凉鞋, 高跟鞋, 靴子, 丹宁都能呈现, 你绝对可以选到一双适合你的鞋履. 但记得, 在选择的时候不要挑过于复杂的款式, 少即是多! 简约点反而更能凸显你的品味.

O v e r a l l s

丹 宁 吊 帶 裙 / 褲

Another classic of denim-- overalls. Don't think of the baggy 80's or farmer/ gardener! Overalls have gone through many years of transformations. Today, they come with fringe, flares, ribbons or ruffles. How you wear an overall have many ways as well. Pair it with a boat neck top, ensemble it with a sports bra, wear it with a tank, or even if you dare, go out with simply an overall!

丹宁之又一经典--吊带裤. 大家以往对吊带裤的印象可能是80年代的宽松或是工人装, 快点颠覆你们的思想吧! 吊带裤经过多年的洗礼, 现在可是有很多风貌, 有以女性化的蝴蝶结呈现, 夸张的喇叭裤, 玩趣的拼接等等, 看你要什么风格就有什么风格. 除了吊带裤本身多元化, 如何搭配也是多变, 可以内搭一字领上衣, 运动内衣, 背心, 甚至你敢的话单穿也是非常fashion.

丹 宁 裙

S k i r t s

Denim skirts are all the rage. A-line, maxi or mini, any body shape will be able to find a perfect denim skirt. Put on a floral print top, catch the tail of summer with chic-ness.

丹宁裙子狂扫今年夏天. A-字, 长裙或是迷你裙, 不管是什么身形都不用烦恼, 你一定都可以找到适合的丹宁裙. 趁着夏天还没结束, 配上一件印花上衣, 随性但很chic.