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今日穿搭‖ Dior Homme 活动 OOTD‖ Dior Homme Party

背心 Top: / 裤子 Pants: Zara/ 西装外套 Blazer: Vieso/ 鞋子 Heels: Kate-Katy/ 项链 Necklace: ES Studio/ 眼镜 Glasses: X.O.X.O

今天我们把两篇文章放成一篇吧. 这次的内容我会跟大家分享我回台北参加的Dior Homme 活动OOTD还有活动内容, 以及这次OOTD的主题, 也就是红!色! 今年秋冬, 红色是其中一个主要的色彩, 这篇文章里面我会跟以往一样介绍一些能让你时尚过秋冬的单品.

Let's put two posts together in one this time. In the post today I will be introducing my OOTD to the Dior Homme Party in Taipei that I flew back for, the event itself AND also introduce to you the theme of this OOTD, which is RED. Yes, red is one of THE colors for this AW. Like always, i will recommend some red items that you can rock through this AW in this post too.

这次的穿搭我想呈现一种意气风发的感觉, 所以我选择穿了一套红色的套装. 其实这两件上下装是分开的, 但是搭起来一点也没有违和感. 为了不让其他单品抢走红色套装的风采, 内搭我就选择了白色的简约标语背心. 背心上面写的 "Love & Lie"很有摇滚和庞克的感觉, 也正是我想呈现的的整体效果, 强硬, 有态度但不过于正式.

My look to the event was aiming to be sharp but simple. I chose a red suit as the statement piece of the look. To not having other items to steal the spotlight of this suit, I had a simple slogan vest for the inside. The slogan "Love & Lie" expresses a punk vibe which is how I wanted the ensemble to be, sharp, with attitude yet not formal.

我本来想梳油头的.. 但是花了好久还是梳不好所以最后就绑了公主头

I was gonna do a sleek back for my hair, but i failed..

金色的锁链项链跟外套上的纽扣相呼应. 本人也是街头嘻哈风的迷, 常喜欢把嘻哈元素加入穿着里. Prada的渐层亮片包作为桥梁, 让整体色彩得到了悬接. 聚焦!

The golden chain necklace adds a little street style into the look. I am a big fan of street wear and hip hop style, so i often add elements of it into my looks.The sequin Prada bag acts as a brigde, putting everything together coherently.


现在我们把话题转到活动本身吧. Dior很少有男装活动, 这次呢是他们总经理特别向国外提意举办个男装的Party. 刚好, 台北的信义微风有间只有男装的Dior, 所以这次活动就选择办在信义微风啦~ 活动当天, 店里特别把现场装潢成Dior在Fashion Week的那样. 很有感觉. 很开心当天可以认识很多新朋友, 可以边喝我爱的酒边欣赏Dior的男装.

Now let's direct the subject to the event itself. It's rare for Dior to have an event just for Dior Menswear, especially in Taiwan. In Breeze Xinyi, Dior Homme has its own store, seperated from the womens, and that's why they decided to hold an Homme event there. The store was decorated according to the Dior Homme show on fashion week. It was great to be able to integrate with new friends while zipping on that champagne and browse through the collection.

常常很多男生问我说 "欸, 买Dior是不是很娘啊?", 我都会回答说“拜托, Dior的男装很好看好不好, 哪里在娘了?" 大家对于Dior的印象不应该在只有女性商品的观念了. Dior男装很有设计感, 也非常独特. 像今年的蜜蜂西装老佛爷可也是穿过哦!Dior最喜欢重新演绎西装了. 而这次也不例外, Dior Homme将西装以现代化的轮廓加上摩登的细节再次让人赞叹. 另外值得一提的是, Dior Homme还结合了美国街头艺术大师Dan Witz的作品, 将它们转为印花出现在许多的单品里面,好街头但又有质感.

这几张照片是我在场特别喜欢的几样. 当然还有很多, 但是玩的太嗨了后来忘了多拍点照片.下次多改进:D

I am often asked by a lot of men that if buying Dior is very girly, my answer is always no. People need to move on and leave behind the impression that Dior is for women. Although they are famous for womens designs, their menswear is also very fashionable! For example, their bee embroidered blazer has been worn by Karl Lagerfeld too! Dior Homme has a love for reimagining black suits, this year too. In this AW you can see a lot of crafy accessories and inconventional materials being added into their designs along with new silhouettes. Another note that's worth mentioning is that Dior has turned works of the famous street artist Dan Witz into prints and incorporated in their garments.

Here I have taken a few pictures of what I like from the event. Of course there are a lot more, but i had too much fun enjoying the event that i forgot to take more pictures. Will be improved haha.

终于, 又到了每篇文章的单品推荐时刻了. 红色是今年秋天的"IT"颜色. 红色既性感又充满女人味. 但是因为他很显眼, 需要有点勇气才能穿所以很多人都会去避开他. 其实不用! 我们可以从单品开始下手! 反正你就是必须要有点红色在你今年的衣橱里

Finally, it's that time of the post again. Red is Fall's "IT" color. It is probably the most attractive and sexy color women can wear. However, since it is bold and daring, a lot of people shy away from it. But let's work it out! We can start by having a little red in you wardrobe.

裤 子

P a n t s


鞋 子

S h o e s


裙 子

S k i r t s


包 包

B a g s


外 套

O u t t e r s


上 衣

T o p s


我今天想不到结语.. 反正红色就是今年秋冬当红啦!

I can't think of a conclusion to do a closure... Anyway red is hot this AW!!

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